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Space Coast 

Sellers Information

Thank you for your interest in offering a product(s) for sale through the Space Coast Food Buying Club.  

A Seller is a member in good standing who personally grows, produces or makes  goods that are then offered to members.  The Seller is responsible for providing product information to SCFBC and coordinating pickup location and times with buyers.


All sellers must be SCFBC members in good standing and have signed the SCFBC Membership Agreement and the SCFBC Seller Pact.

We like it when members bring new products to the SCFBC and we want to encourage them to do so.  On the other hand, we also need to ensure that all products offered through the SCFBC meet the same high standards for transparency, quality, timeliness,  and customer service. So anyone wishing to sell through the SCFBC must agree to follow the SCFBC sellers’ guidelines in order to be able to list a product for sale.

Your Responsibilities as a  Seller

  • Be a member of Space Coast Food Buying Club in good standing, complete with signed Membership Agreement and SCFBC Seller Pact.  
  • Respond to any SCFBC member question about your listing by phone or email within 24 hours of the time it is asked unless other arrangements have been made (for example, you are away for the weekend and have assigned someone else to act in your stead).
  • Communicate directly with SCFBC  if/when the terms of your sale change (delays, damaged product etc).
  • Communicate directly with members about any grievances or problems.
  • Maintain pick-up locations in a tidy, clean and organized fashion.
  • Be on hand to oversee product pick-up unless you have arranged in advance with a member to handle it differently.
  • Make it easy for members to find their product(s) and to weigh/measure their purchases (if needed).Function as an ethical individual in all dealings with SCFBC members & SCFBC.

Listing a Product for Sale

When you list a product for sale through the SCFBC, you are entering into a contract with the members who order your product. Full disclosure is necessary not only for your own protection, but also for the protection of the members.

Your product listing must include clear and detailed information in a spreadsheet or csv file that includes:

  1. The product name
  2. A product description
  3. Cost to member
  4. Quantities you have available
  5. Ordering deadlines
  6. Pick-up date(s) and location(s)
  7. Your contact information: name, phone number and  a minimum of two additional contact methods (email, cell phone, home phone etc).

Products, including food or personal care products,  which are prepackaged must have a label affixed that contains the following information (Loosely based on Florida Food Cottage laws) :

  1. The name and address of the member producing (your brand name can be used)  the product;
  2. The name of the product;
  3. The ingredients of the product, in descending order of predominance by weight;
  4. The approximate net weight or net volume of the product;     
  5. Allergen information, you must identify if any of your ingredients are made from one of the following food groups: eggs, milk, wheat, peanuts, soybeans, fish and tree nuts.
  6. The following statement printed in at least 10-point type in a color that provides a clear contrast to the background label: “Made for private club member to member sale, not subject to food safety regulations.”

​​ has design & print online, that is a great place to make your labels.  

Contact Us

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Ginny Hall who works with sellers on behalf of the SCFBC at386-589-6931 or