Payment and Pickup Policies 

It happens. Life gets super busy, kids get sick, work gets crazy, paychecks are late or we just plain forget.

We get it. We know that sometimes these things happen. But since the purpose of the Space Coast Food Buying Club is to provide a way to purchase nutritious foods at lower prices—and payment issues and late pickups jeopardize that process—there need to be some rules we all agree to follow.


Because members keep a balance with the club there are not payments per se, for each purchase.  Members are required to keep a minimum balance between $100 - $150 in their buying account. At no time  may a member place an order without enough money in their  account to cover the expected order cost.  If you place an order without money in your account to cover it you are asking other members for a loan. Most orders are paid for at the time of the order.   

Membership fees and  account balances can be replenished on as needed basis by check or online from your bank account by using Dwolla. There is a 25¢ fee for the use of the online payments.  Credit and debit cards charge high fees and are not accepted as payment.  Instructions will be included in your new member information.  


  1. All members are expected to have $100 minimum in your account.  
  2. If you make large purchases you will want your account to be higher to cover your orders. If you do not have enough funds in your account, you will not be able to  place an order.
  3. If you are fall below the $0  your buying privileges will be suspended until there is the $100 minimum in your account.


Pick-up times and locations will vary.  We realize that pickup deadlines may not always be convenient and that sometimes life gets in the way.  

However, we are working with limited space, and have several orders going at once. Perishable foods don’t last, and adequate refrigeration or freezer space is not always available for large orders. 


  1. Orders  must be picked up within the time window specified by the buy source coordinator/seller unless you have made other arrangements with the source coordinator/seller.  Please have an emergency back-up plan.
  2. Orders not picked up within the specified time frames will still be deducted from the members account and  will be disposed of at the source coordinator/sellers discretion.  They  may be donated to a local food bank, re-sold or given to another member.  Since you have already committed your funds for  these orders, please make sure you pick up your order on time (or make other arrangements beforehand with the source coordinator/seller!)
  3. Last, but not least, the Space Coast Food Buying Club, its Manager,  Source Coordinator​s, and Sellers are not responsible for any loss, damage or spoilage that occurs due to late pick-ups. Members who are chronically late with their pick-ups may also lose their buying privileges. 

Having said all that, our goal is to help your family be able to obtain and afford the best food possible.  We are not monsters, if you have a problem call the Source Coordinator or Seller.  If your family is experiencing financial hardship we will try to find ways  to help you afford quality food for your family.

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