What’s a food buying club?

In its most basic form, a food buying club is a way for individuals to join together and purchase bulk foods directly from farmers and vendors,  usually at wholesale prices. We like to say it’s a way to “Buy Better Together”—better quality at better prices with better (less) packaging. Purchasing through the buying club empowers us to make a conscious choice to support our local economy,  know where our food comes from & help families by getting the best food at the best prices.  Additionally, Space Coast Food Buying Club offers members local artisan products crafted by other members.  Hopefully this will become a larger part of the club: local, sustainable, nutrient-dense foods.  

What kind of products can i order?

Participants in the club ultimately make the decisions about the kind of products we buy together. See the "sources"  to view or current listing of sources.  When there is enough interest in a farm product, company or product we will work with members, farmers, companies or other vendors to place orders.  

So how does the club actually work?

Each member has a club account that is used to place orders.  Order closing dates are listed on the sources page of our ordering system and in the calendar on our home page.   At any time members may place items on an order by signing into the ordering system, members also get email notification about upcoming orders and 24 hrs prior to an order closing.  Most orders close on a Monday morning at 9am.   Once a member joins, and an account has been established they receive detailed instructions on how to place an order. 

How much does my order cost?

Products are listed at our cost.  On the source home you will see details for that source, including any shipping fees (if they are a flat rate or per the pound),  and the source coordinator fee.  The source coordinator fee is normally 5% and is added to each order, this fee is deposited into the source coordinator's account who is in charge of coordinating that sources orders and volunteers.  Source Coordinators are literally working for food. It also helps the source coordinator to sample the food and products so they know the quality is meeting our high standards.  

Are there any required number of orders for members?

Nope. When an order is posted on the list, you get to decide if you want to participate or not. You have no daily, monthly or even yearly “minimums” for orders. You order only what you want to, when you want to.

However, with some sources the club does need to hit a minimum order to keep shipping cost down or free.  For example we need at least 12 members ordering every two weeks to cover shipping cost for Miller's Organic Farm, and  $250 order to get free shipping from Frontier Natural Products.  So there may be a time when an order is listed and on the closing date the source coordinator will have to cancel that order or ask those ordering if they want to split shipping cost that were not listed on the source home page.  Members are encouraged to spread the word about the club, because the more people we have the less likely that will happen.  

Is there a waitlist to join the buying club?

Nope. Anyone can join the club by completing the online New Member Sign-up Form, reading & agreeing to the SCFBC Membership Agreement (evidenced by a signature) and paying the annual membership dues. Once these 3 steps are completed an account will be created for you on our ordering system.  

Can I place an order before I decide to join?

No, sorry this is a private club and only members are allowed to order.  If you are interested in seeing the ordering system and products you may request a guest account, but will not be able to place an order.  

Interested? Want more info?

Call (386) 589-6931 to learn more. We need your help to spread the word! Please share the information with others you know in the neighborhood.

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